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Our spring 2023 collection

The story behind our new season; framed by colour and curation.

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Ways with Rhubarb

How to welcome our seasonal shade into your home.

PAINT_STORIES_Rhubarb, Alpine & Moss RT
Introducing colour consultancy

Find out how our new design service can help you to discover your home’s potential.

Broad bean & pea crush with ricotta, flat breads and crudités

However many the pleasures of the other seasons, summer eating is surely the finest. Produce is as g...

SS20_Kintbury 68 Mrror
Black accents: why they work in any room

And some easy, unintimidating ways to bring black into your interiors.

Inheritance tracks: the importance of heirlooms

How handed-down objects bring life, soul and a sense of heritage to a home.

Sarah-Louise, Christopher & their Henley kitchen

An all-oak Henley kitchen and a Sage-green utility created in collaboration with Instagram’s @no.17h...

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Ways to address difficult spaces

Neptune home designer Kyra shares her tips for making the most of the awkward corners and odd room p...

Jessica Alken-Theasby, Pastow case study-16
A meadow blanket: rooftops in bloom

Journalist Amy Moorea Wong on how meadows (and beekeeping) are sweeping through our towns and cities...

Home stories: designing a galley kitchen, part two

The second in our series on galley kitchens in real homes: this time, an unexpected addition to a Co...

Bussage House_19
Saving a home: the slow renovation story of Bussage House

A gradual renovation project is revealing more and more, as interiors journalist Elizabeth Metcalfe ...

French toast with baked peaches and coconut cream

A summery twist on a breakfast classic from our café, The Provenist.

Home stories: designing a galley kitchen, part one

A cottage kitchen with a small footprint but clever sense of space

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Amanda, Andrew & their multifunctional garden room

A collaborative design project to bring the outside in.

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The makings of a design classic

How does a piece of furniture or design earn icon status?

Ben Fogle
An explorer finds refuge at home

For our winter 2021 issue of Stories, we asked adventurer and presenter Ben Fogle to share the ways ...

Beetroot & Gruyere sausage rolls
Beetroot & gruyère ‘sausage’ roll

This recipe was created by our chefs at our cafe, The Provenist. If you’re ever in the city of Bath,...

Francesca, Meet the maker 2
If Neptune did garden rooms

Garden designer Jonnie Wake contemplates what shape and form a Neptune-designed garden room might ta...

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Ways with blue: singing the praises of blue in interiors

How to use blue in your home in ways big and small – including how to make it work in a north-facing...

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Living a philosophy

Why we decided to open a cafe.

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Maximum impact: bold ideas for small gardens

When it comes to designing smaller gardens, think big, as garden designer Jonnie Wake tells us.

A very British craft: a short history

Craft has been a part of British life since prehistoric times, when pottery was mostly homemade, and...

The joy of summer: how to celebrate the season

Moments, rituals and traditions ancient and new to help you make the most of each month in summer.

Sheldrake extending
The architecture of happiness: how buildings can create joy

Why do some buildings and designed environments bring us more joy than others?

Our versatile garden designs for inside and out

We take a look at those furniture designs from our garden collection that translate just as well to ...

March SS22 Content Shoot
Painting by light: how to choose colours to suit a room’s aspect

Our paint colour suggestions for north, south, east and west facing spaces.

Luskentyre beach
The joy of moving to the coast

We chat to two former city dwellers about the highs (and occasional lows) of relocating to the coast...

Spring Dining_Provenist_MAY AD
The joy of the laidback dinner party

Food writer and author Debora Robertson muses on how relaxed hosting is the most convivial.

Claire, Alastair & their Suffolk kitchen

A Cactus green kitchen that blends seamlessly into a living space.

How to light a bathroom

Including everything you need to know about IP ratings, and how to make your own lighting plan.

Ways to say thank you: gifts for hosts

Present ideas that go beyond a bottle of wine for taking along to parties.

Our fabrics: making the right choice for your home and lifestyle

A guide to each and every fabric in our collection, covering everything from style to which ones are...

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Rebecca, Martin & their Suffolk kitchen

A forever kitchen for an Edwardian house in Derbyshire.

From Barbury to Bloomsbury: how we name our designs

A quick look at some of the stories that lie behind our collection names.

A brief history of the dresser

By their very nature, antiques are imbued with a patina of the past. The dresser is no different. It...

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A touch of genius: why we value original art

We explore why it is that original art pieces hold such emotional potency.

Barbury Tiles_Shale & Flax Blue Checkerboard_007
Spotlight on our Barbury tiles

Introducing our handmade Barbury collection, created in collaboration with Wiltshire-based Marlborou...

Izzy and her Suffolk kitchen

The renovation of a small London kitchen that was a truly collaborative family project.

March SS22 Content Shoot
The guest bedroom guide: spring edition

How to create a welcoming and restorative private sanctuary for guests this spring.

The garden furniture style guide

We walk you through all the furniture families in our garden collection to help you better understan...