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Completing your dining room: beyond the table and chairs

Completing your dining room: beyond the table and chairs

You’ve sized up your space, pondered painted and all-oak finishes, and deliberated chairs versus benches. That’s your dining table and seating sorted. The room’s centrepiece, if you will. Of course, the story doesn’t end there. From storage and tableware to lighting designs and decorative details, we’re taking a look at some of the other touches that can help to make your dining room feel just so.

Fitted and freestanding storage

Eating and entertaining aside, it’s likely your dining room will also be used for storage and display, whether it’s your practical pieces, like tableware and linen, or conversation-sparking ornaments that’re in need of a home. A dresser, with its open shelves, glazed doors, drawers and cupboards to choose from might be the best option. Our Chichester and Suffolk designs can fit homes of most sizes, while our freestanding Chawton cabinetry has a pull out surface for serving and wine storage among many of its useful options. In fact, it might simply be a sturdy wine rack, like Suffolk, that you’re looking for. Or, a taller, slimmer cabinet like glass-fronted Shepton. Equally, if you have more than just bottles and curios to store, and you prefer to keep things tidy behind concealed doors, sideboards are endlessly versatile and can be dressed on top as simply as you like. 

Considered crockery

After choosing the rest of your dining room furniture, chances are you’ll turn your thoughts next to what will top your table. Our crockery collection has been designed for easy mixing and matching, meaning you can layer it with your existing pieces, or build a new set comprising one or more styles. Our stoneware designs share subtle textures, tones and a contemporary crafted feel – pick from plates, platters, and bowls to form the foundation of your tabletop arrangement. For something more decorative, there’s thistle-patterned Olney in Flax Blue and Walnut, or for a crisper pure white scheme Fenton’s our fine bone china choice. Whatever style (or styles) you opt for, by layering your pieces you’ll create a table with interest and practicality that’s ready for the everyday and special occasions alike.

And glassware too

Tumblers, water and wine glasses (as well as options for fizz and cocktails) will naturally follow your crockery choices. Perhaps you’ll take the traditional route of glasses tall or small for water (if so, Greenwich could be a good choice), and those with a stem for wine. For a table that’s a little more laidback, there’re tumblers for your red, white and rosé. Bubble-dusted, everyday Ella comes in colourful hues, or consider Hoxton with its gently tapering shape and crystal clarity. Our art deco-inspired Mayfair collection, meanwhile, includes Martini, highball and lowball designs, and Hoxton and Greenwich both have a flute in their families for toasts and festivities.

Scene-setting lighting

For separate dining rooms (rather than those blurred with the kitchen) you won’t need to worry about the practicalities of task lighting. Instead, the choices you make should be all about adding atmosphere. To do so, you’ll need to think about how you’ll layer your light. A group of pendants hung over the table, for example, will provide light in welcome pools. Or you may favour one larger statement-making design like Browning, our lantern pendant, or our Garrick chandelier. Whichever you choose, just make sure the bulbs are dimmable so you can drop the brightness down when entertaining. Wall lights will add your second layer of light, whether it’s a gentle wash you’re looking for, or directional, adjustable beams. Finally, along with interest-adding table lamps (perch on a dresser, drinks trolley, or sideboard), there’s candlelight. Be it mixed-size pillar candles grouped on a tray (or presented individually in hurricanes), our coloured Coleridge dinner candles and Heddon candlesticks, or the twinkle of tealights dotted down your table’s centre.

Decorative accents

With your fundamentals covered, you can consider the other ways you might like to dress your space. Table linen and place settings can be a good starting point. Our tablecloths and runners are made from soft, relaxed linen in Salt, Apricot, Olive and Constable Green shades. Either style can elevate your table beyond the everyday, though a runner will create a slightly more informal look (but will still feel more put-together versus a bare tabletop). Combine with washed linen napkins and their rattan rings, quilted or handwoven placemats and coasters for a naturally-textured, layered look. Finally comes flowers. Mood-lifting and ambience-enhancing, the presence of fresh or life-like stems can make a noticeable difference to just about any room in your home. For the dining room in particular, we like keeping a few smaller stems back from a larger display to use in bud vases. These littler vessels will act as ‘satellites’, echoing the look and feel of your central arrangement up and down the table or sideboard.

Explore our dressers and sideboards, fitted storage, lighting designs and complete dining collection for even more ideas.