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Aroma your home

Aroma your home

Our homes can help us live better, says wellness author and founder of JOGB Living, Jo Glanville-Blackburn. Here, she reveals why embracing the power of nature’s scents will enhance our surroundings.

Walk in, shut the door, drop your bags and relax. When the world is in its constant state of flux, home is the one place of comfort, security, safety and peace. Home is our safety net: our harmony hotspot. It indulges all the senses, yet the easiest way to instantly transform the atmosphere in your home – and yourself – is with aroma.


The first impression of your home is that step through the door. How does it make you feel? My own home is full of the aromas of our pure candle oils that burn as a harmony trio in the hallway. Place candles and diffusers in the entrance of your home as the ultimate sensory hug hello.


Create the most comforting of experiences with an indulgent, soporific bath of Himalayan bath salts and a relaxing blend of vetiver, melissa and chamomile essential oils, then take long, deep abdominal breaths to help reduce any feelings of anxiety or exhaustion. To boost confidence, try sandalwood and ylang-ylang; to balance, choose geranium and orange.


Lower the lights, snuggle down: warmth and comfort are key to help improve the quality of your sleep. Choose relaxing notes that appeal, such as lavender, rose, geranium, and ylang-ylang, either alone in a diffuser or mixed as a blend. Or, add your chosen oils to a clean mister (like the kind used for indoor plants), shake well then spritz high in the air, over pillows, sheets and towels from a distance of two–three feet.

Essential oils – creating your perfect blend

Refreshing: Citrus oils are refreshing and uplifting against anxiety, especially sweet orange and grapefruit.

Grounding: Grasses and leaves, like West Indian bay, vetiver and patchouli, are grounding and tend to have deep, warm, rich aromas.

Perspective: Pine and conifers tend to evoke a sense of expansion, perspective and the great outdoors.

Energising: Herbal oils are clearing for the mind; I’d suggest cardamom, peppermint, sweet basil or rosemary.

Contentment: Flowers, like geranium, ylang-ylang and lavender, are tonics for the heart, and evoke contentment and good spirits.

Warming: Spices are warming and activating and can be great maverick notes. Try clove and pink pepper.

Calming: Resins – frankincense, myrrh and elemi – are very protective and calming.

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