Our Design Service was founded to help you realise the home you have always wanted. Be that furnishing one room or decorating a whole house, our expert designers will work alongside you, throughout your project, to create and curate a space that captures Neptune’s timeless look and reflects your own taste and budget. 

Now with Christmas packed away, and Spring in our forefront, and you maybe thinking now is the time to consider updating that kitchen or living room, but don't know where to start, we will have all of our Designers in on this day, and they have cleared their dairies to allow time with you. 

No matter how small or big a project, they have so much knowledge to help you decide if our service is for you.

Also, we are excited to have join us for this event, three external businesses.  Imogen Partridge a wonderful illustrator, Jessica Watson a wonderful modern calligraphy expert, and Woolton winery who specialise in Cider and beautiful wines all locally grown and produced.

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