Decorative bowls & platters

From kitchen’s work surface to living room’s coffee table, holding fruit or holding a pebble collection, there’s always space for a decorative bowl, a styling platter, or two.


Olive Wood

Handcrafted from sustainably salvaged olive wood using traditional Tunisian carving techniques, these bowls are beautifully unique in shape, size and shade.



Its crackle glaze, its hand-applied distressing, its rich yellow colour and its deep, generous shape all combine to make Bayswater feel like a centuries-old artisan earthenware piece. It’s part of a larger collection also including vases and a candlestick.

Winter bedroom tray detail


Crackle glaze and distressing give our Corinium pieces a real sense of history. The platters are one of our favourite ways to group and display candles, while the bowl is our go-to for temporary seasonal planting displays, and the tray is a tabletop must have for stylishly corralling and organising.