Living room furniture

Because living rooms were made to be lived in, we’ve created a collection of designs that you don’t need to tiptoe around. From upholstery to tables and storage, each piece is designed to stand the test of time, in every sense of the word. So, you can sit down, put your feet up and relax, safe in the knowledge your living space will look just as good in years to come as it does now.

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The price of value

Interiors journalist Giles Kime on design longevity and how to spot a good buy. 

  • Fiona Lumworth HDS living room case study 2
    Fiona & her living room
    Green and yellow nature-inspired tones bring this Victorian living room project to life. 
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  • Old Rectory Cottages, case study
    Jo & her multifunctional living room

    A 16th-century cottage and its multifunctional living room designed with modern family life in mi…

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    How to choose art for your living room
    Some guiding principles for wall art in your home, and particularly living rooms.
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  • Terance Butlers tray_wooden top OPEN- P_010
    How to create the perfect reading nook

    Advice on creating an inviting spot for reading from George, our home designer at Neptune Fulham.…

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    An ode to the occasional chair
    What makes a chair ‘occasional’? And why should you welcome one into your home?
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  • The Neptune Outlet

    The Neptune Outlet is where you’ll find those pieces that have an imperfection here or there, as well as the occasional design that we’ve retired from our main collection – all with up to 50% off. You can stop by and see us at our Wiltshire store, or you can explore the outlet online.


    The Evolution of Home by Emma Sims-Hilditch with Giles Kime

    The debut design book from our creative founder, Emma Sims-Hilditch. Featuring homes designed by Emma and her interior design studio, Sims Hilditch, discover insightful decorating ideas, spatial planning and inspiring colour schemes.