Our edited collection is made up of over fifty shades. As well as our signature palettes, we introduce a new colour twice a year to inform our seasonal storytelling. All our interior paints are water-based and available in matt emulsion or eggshell. 

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New this season

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, we add to our designs with our seasonal collections. And leading the way each time is a new colour. This is where you’ll find this season’s.



Our Pebble paint palette is the one to turn to if you’re looking for grey shades, but are worried about your room feeling too cold – that’s thanks to the warm undertone they all share.



Our most traditional neutrals, the paint shades in the Fossil palette all have a yellow-green base. As some of the warmest tones, they’ll give any space a welcoming, homely feel – instantly.



These are colours for those that like their interiors clean and crisp. You’ll find our blue shades in the Nordic paint palette, but, they all have a hint of green in them to stop them from feeling too cold.



A lot of our colours have at least some green in them because, being a colour so associated with nature, it’s easy to live with. The Plant paint palette is where our true greens are though.



The grey shades in the Smoke palette can come across as quite blue in some lights and, in others, have a green undertone. Either way, they’re definitely cooler than the Pebble palette, so will lend a contemporary feel.



Our Spice paint palette is where you’ll find all our red-toned shades (as well as chalky neutral Salt to complement them). Each one has a purple hint too though, which gives them more subtlety.

Charlecoate in Walnut


If you’re looking for warm neutrals but the Fossil palette feels a touch too traditional, consider our Timber paint colours. These are our most ‘neutral’ neutrals, with a red base that’s easy to live with.

Beswick stool and lamp with Lucile shade

Seasonal shades

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, we introduce a new shade to inform our seasonal storytelling. These colours include some of our favourite neutrals, like Calico and Cotswold, as well as vivid hues like Quince and Saffron. Once the season has passed, they remain available as part of our seasonal shades collection. 

Paint Lids and Brush


When it comes to painting, preparation is everything. So, we’ve developed a primer for using on walls and woodwork to create a light and evenly coloured finish to start from.

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