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The guest bedroom guide: spring edition

The guest bedroom guide: spring edition

You may recall our Christmastime guest bedroom blog; it was one that explored the ins and outs of creating a home from home. But of course, Christmas isn’t the only time we welcome guests, and with several spring bank holidays in the calendar, we wanted to take a look at the thoughtful touches that you can make to your guest bedroom this season too.

While some factors – from the most useful of furniture designs (a comfortable bed complete with bedside tables, a wardrobe, and a chest of drawers) to the fluffiest of towels and a carafe for water – are perennial, others, such as your choice of bedding and decorative finishes, are best updated by the season.

Other furniture options

Alongside the designs we explored in our earlier blog, there are a couple of further pieces you can include if space allows. A dressing table and chair will give guests an area to get ready morning and night, and can double up as an impromptu desk if the need arises. An ottoman, positioned at the end of the bed, will not only offer another place to perch, but can provide extra space for stowing spare pillows or blankets. And for the roomiest of guest bedrooms, consider creating a peaceful reading nook. A small slipper chair, floor lamp and cosy blanket are all that’s needed to carve out an area for five minutes of peace.

Spring bedding

While winter nights call for warmth, come spring (and summer), layering lightweight bedding is the name of the game. Our Albertine bed linen is a timeless choice in a pleasingly neutral palette to suit all tastes. What’s more, it’s made from super-soft Egyptian cotton, which is brilliantly breathable, and it’s tightly woven, for longevity. A cotton or linen throw or bedspread will give guests the option to add another natural layer on cooler nights.

Seasonal touches

This is where you can have some fun playing with personal touches that evoke the sentiments of spring. Scent is a good place to start, and a candle, diffuser or room spray with delicate floral notes will make your guest bedroom feel instantly fresh and welcoming. Life-like stems are another easy way to nod to the season and bring the outdoors in – without the worry of wilting blooms and a dwindling water supply. A picture ledge makes for a nice addition too. You can then easily swap in spring-inspired artwork, be it sunny landscapes or botanical prints, without the need for lots of individual hooks. Books and magazines alluding to the season, or tailored to your guests’ interests, will happily perch here too.

More bits for the bathroom

We previously covered the merits of adding a fluffy robe or two to the back of the door (and even a matching pair of slippers), but there are plenty of other additions you can make to create a sense of sanctuary. A woven tray – placed either in the bathroom, on a dressing table or atop the chest of drawers in the bedroom – filled with restorative lotions, creams, bath salts and essences (explore our bath & body collection here) will encourage guests to truly unwind. Our Bluebell & Honeysuckle scent is particularly nice at this time of year. Finish with a glass jar filled with cotton pads, and a small hand cream to keep.

And don’t forget…

Lastly, there are a few final extras that are often overlooked but that can really help to make all the difference when you’re looking to create the comfiest but also the most practical of guest rooms. A wastepaper basket is the first. Our designs come with or without lids and offer both form and functionality. A laundry bag is the second. Hung on a hook or handle on the inside or outside of the wardrobe, a bag – rather than a basket – will keep a few days’ worth of laundry tidy without taking up valuable floorspace.

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