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Ways with Burnt Sienna

Ways with Burnt Sienna

There’s so much creative fun to be had in putting together a colour scheme, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Interior designers talk of a “jumping off point” – a colour or the inspiration that’s a trigger for the whole project, and so here, we’ve taken Burnt Sienna, our new warm, earthy terracotta, as our starting point and explored how different colour pairings can create very different moods.

Burnt Sienna and Salt

The gentle warmth of pinky-orange Burnt Sienna combined with creamy, off-white Salt, which carries a subtle hint of pink, is a decorating dream. It’s calming, tranquil and soft but has a depth that can be dialled up or down depending on the balance you use between the two shades. More Salt and the space will look delicate and fresh; more Burnt Sienna and it will be earthy, raw and rich. It’s almost impossible not to be feel the warmth of a sun-kissed Tuscan wall or be transported to a July morning in Provence with this combination. Burnt Sienna alludes to antiquity while Salt feels refreshingly clean and pure. Together, they create a comforting, relaxing colour scheme that would work beautifully in a conservatory or sunny sitting room. Or try kitchen cabinets painted in Salt and a contrasting island in Burnt Sienna. Combine with Tamworth terracotta floor tiles and add texture with Lloyd Loom weaves and Harry linen in Rust.

Burnt Sienna and Moss

While Burnt Sienna is a deep, rich shade, it’s never shouty. It’s a raw, earthy colour and so sits contentedly as a background highlight to a natural palette of botanical greens. Just think of weathered, terracotta pots peeping through dense foliage. For this scheme, our jumping off point was a Morris & Co. wallpaper swatch (Pimpernel in Bayleaf/Manilla), which though predominantly green, had touches of peach in it. It inspired us to create a verdant, natural moodboard where cool Moss paint sits easily alongside flashes of warm Burnt Sienna – shades that don’t fight but do harmonise. As the colour combination verges on the soft-hued, you can have more fun and add depth with layers of patterns. Maybe introduce subtly printed fabrics or the rustic textures of natural sisal flooring in a sitting or dining room. Or save Burnt Sienna to be used as a hidden surprise on the inside of wardrobes in a bedroom that speaks of pretty elegance.

Burnt Sienna and Flax Blue

As the historic, umber-toned towns of Tuscany sit under a dazzling blue sky, so our Burnt Sienna works with the soaring clarity of Flax Blue in a timeless colour scheme. Combining the earthy with the airy, this duo brings intensity and optimism to a room. It’s a positive, life-affirming pairing. Burnt Sienna, while deeply pigmented, has a lightness of touch, while Flax Blue is a soft, hazy shade that calms the soul. We chose to ground our scheme with glimpses of deeper blues, like the Isla velvet in vibrant Kingfisher, as well as Harry linen in rich Rust. Try this combination in a south or east-facing sitting room or bedroom where the play between the warm oranges and cool blues is perfectly balanced and, ultimately, joyful.

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