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Playing dress up with: the Suffolk dressers

Playing dress up with: the Suffolk dressers

This spring, we revealed a freshened-up version of our Suffolk collection. From subtle refinements, like simpler cornicing and turned details on the Suffolk dining table’s legs, to new additions, like the recycling cabinet in the Suffolk kitchen and the circular side table, we believe that it’s made our Shaker-inspired designs more authentic, more disciplined and more appealing.

On the topic of newness, our Suffolk dressers are one of the parts of the collection where there’s been the most change. It means now, more than ever before, you can find a combination of cabinetry that fits your definition of ‘perfect’.

Time for introductions…

Contemporary versus classic

Before spring came along, our Suffolk dressers each had a peg rail above the base section.

People often think that peg rails are a country thing, but their origins lie in Shaker design. They’re a simple, well-made piece that’s purely about function. Even still, we wanted to offer a version of our Suffolk dresser that was simpler still.

Now, there are two styles of dresser to choose between. One with the peg rail, and the other more contemporary and clean, with glazed countertop cabinets and exposed oak shelves inside. 

Little, large and everything in between

Dressers are one of those pieces of furniture that feel like they only work if you have lots of space. Possibly because welsh dressers are the thing that often spring to mind, and their proportions are generally much bigger.

Whether you’ve got a tiny-roomed cottage or a sprawling barn conversion, we think that every home should be able to fit in a dresser. That’s why ours have always started at 3ft. To that we added a 4ft and a 6ft.

As part of our Suffolk update though, we decided to add in the missing link – the 5ft dresser – because it’s such a popular size in our Chichester collection.

Now, if the 4ft was that bit too small, and the 6ft that touch too big, you should have a happy middle ground. (Plus, we love the asymmetry in the 5ft version with its three cabinet doors.)

Do away with tradition

While our dressers are part of our freestanding furniture collection, the options don’t end there. More and more, we’ve been experimenting with creating dressers through combinations of fitted kitchen cabinetry. It’s a way to build in a dresser into your kitchen’s scheme, but it’ll work just as well in other downstairs spaces like living rooms and dining rooms.

One of our favourite couplings is a drawer base with a bi-fold countertop cabinet.  It’s a design without a lower shelf so that you can use as much of the worktop as possible and fit taller accessories like jugs, carafes and decanters.

Plus, it’s the perfect option if you prefer the look of a solid cabinet front on your dresser rather than a glazed one.

Find your perfect Suffolk dresser here. Or, speak to your closest Neptune store if you’re interested in creating a bespoke version. 

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