Our making stories

Provenance is important to us – and, we expect, also to you. Understanding where something is made and who made it means trust in both quality and what sort of impact it has had on people and planet. It’s why we make all our timber furniture and kitchens ourselves – in a production house we built from the ground up – and why each one of our making partners is carefully, meticulously chosen. Below you’ll find our own making story, as well as some of our suppliers’, with more to come soon.

Our production house

In 2006, we decided to head overseas for production. At the time, it made the most sense for quality, efficiency and price for you, our customers. While that might not be the case now, and we’re looking at alternatives, we’re still committed to supporting our team at Qingdao in China.  

We’re proud to make our designs there, but telling people that hasn’t always been easy. There are a lot of misconceptions, and a lot of truths, which we’ve worked towards changing by building our own production house and telling its story honestly and openly. 

FullSizeRender China

Qingdao is bright and calm. It’s polished and it’s pristine. They work to the same exacting standards as we do in the UK, with a deep respect for local customs and traditions. They’re Neptune, just as we are. We’re one team who are only geographically oceans apart.  

Qingdao factory, China

The bespoke workshop

Each of our kitchen collections contains cabinetry in shapes, sizes and purposes to suit as many homes as possible, but sometimes something made to measure is called for. That’s where our bespoke workshop comes in. This team work within the same building as our office and warehouse in Wiltshire, and can craft just about anything for our Chichester, Suffolk and Henley kitchen collections. 


Our making partners

Our team in Qingdao are all masters at what they do, but there’s only so much we can fit under one roof. So, for certain crafts, we search out the people who are bona fide experts. We like to think of them as one big global family of kindred makers. Each one shares our values when it comes to quality, longevity, ethics and sustainability.  

Mill Story_090
In the making: woollen throws

A family-owned mill in Lancashire, with more than 150 years of experience.

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Hidden elements of design: Marlborough Tiles

A third-generation family business producing artisan tiles in Wiltshire. 

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Harris Tweed: what lies behind the weave?

Our Harris Tweed isn't lookalike. It's not one inspired by Harris Tweed either, but a through and through Harris Tweed – not something that you can claim lightly. Read on to discover all of the bea...

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From flax to fabric

Linen, the fabric. Flax, the fibre from which it’s woven. But how much do we think of its roots – historical and agricultural – when we invite that soft and breezy linen cushion onto our bed, that...

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Our making stories on film

We visited a handful of our partners – from the 250-year-old, family-run producer of our paint to a young, Bristol-based studio that’s reinvigorating weaving in the UK – to capture their processes and craftspeople on film. You’ll find the series so far on our Instagram. 

Bristol Weaving Mill