Terms and Policies

Our guarantees

Here at Neptune, we design and make our pieces with the utmost care and attention. We always use the very best materials (whether they’re natural or man-made) and we’re obsessive about attention to detail. In short, we build to last.

While we pride ourselves on our meticulous standards and expert craftsmanship, we know that very occasionally problems can arise. Instead of shying away from that, we decided to implement a guarantee of which we’re equally as proud.  Just in case you ever need it.

We doubt you’ll ever need to use them, but we understand that peace of mind is a lovely thing to have.

All the details of our guarantees are written in plain English. No technical jargon, no hidden clauses. Our guarantees are there to look after you, just as we are.

There’s a one-year guarantee on all our accessories and parasols, and the fabric on our upholstered pieces.

And a five-year guarantee on all our furniture – including the frames of upholstered designs, and our own taps and sinks.

Then for kitchens, we’ll be here for a lifetime in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong, just as long as it’s fitted by one of our accredited installers.

You can read about our guarantees in more detail in our terms and conditions.