Sleep is such a personal thing, so we won’t say what other companies do, that ‘this mattress will give you the perfect night’s sleep’. What we will say though, is that this is the mattress we’ve found to be the best. That’s why we only offer the one design but with two firmness levels. We have total faith in it.

Highclere super king matress


Highclere is made in Britain by masters of their craft Vispring, and is backed by more than a century of expertise. Every aspect is handmade and of the highest quality, from the hand-nested, calico-covered pocket springs and the natural fillings to the Belgian damask viscose cover and the hand-stitching. Highclere comes with a 30-year guarantee from Vispring, and is available in three tensions as well as dual-tension and zip & link options.



Barrington was our very first mattress, and it’s a firm favourite in many of our bedrooms. It’s a little less of an investment than Highclere, but it’s still expertly made and incredibly comfortable. It’s traditionally hand-stitched, tufted and finished in Yorkshire, where many of its natural fillings are sourced too. It also features high-definition springs: micro pocket springs that mould to every contour. Barrington comes with our own, five year guarantee and is available in two tensions.