Meet Charlecote

Charlecote is where cabinetry meets freestanding furniture, with an open base that gives it a lighter look. And while it was designed with our Suffolk collection in mind, it can be paired just as well with any of our kitchens.
    For small spaces

    At its smallest, Charlecote’s an island that’ll not only fit, but also work in more compact kitchens. It can have four drawers, two drawers, or none at all. And because it’s open underneath, it won’t look like it’s taking over.

    For sitting and for doing

    Whatever it’s size, Charlecote can include drawer space or seating space – or a combination of the two. Here, you can see what we mean more clearly, and how you’ll have plenty of space for your knees.

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    For large spaces

    In spacious kitchens, there’s often a choice between kitchen island or dining table. Happily, Charlecote can be both, and we’ll be able to make it as large as you want (or need).

  • Design details

    We make Charlecote in exactly the same way as our cabinets – using tulipwood that’s painted in your choice of colour, combined with any of our work surfaces and handles. Open its drawers and you’ll find interiors made from oak; peer in and you’ll see another, unexpected drawer underneath the work surface, giving you two tiers of storage. Make them as tidy – with our drawer organisers – or as messy as you like.