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Our home designers’ go-to designs

Our home designers’ go-to designs

Which Neptune pieces do our design experts rely on time and again? Walk into any Neptune store and at the heart of it all, among a plethora of fabric swatches and paint samples, you’ll find our home designers, the mainstays of our Home Design Service. There to make decorating your home easier, enjoyable and less overwhelming, our designers know precisely which pieces will make a space sing. We asked a few of the team, from around the country, to reveal their favourite Neptune designs and the ways they like using them.

George from Neptune Fulham

While I do deal with some larger homes, a typical London-based project will have a smaller footprint. As a result, our modular cabinetry collection, Chawton, crops up frequently in my designs – its proportions and versatility make it ideal for city living. It really is the king of adaptability. You can use it to create the likes of a cinema room, a kitchen dresser, or even a library complete with a ladder.

The George sofa is another favourite (and not just because of the namesake!). It’ll fit through almost any door and into almost any space. And its integrated back lends itself to plenty of scatter cushions, making it an excellent blank canvas for colour and pattern. If there’s space, and the shape of the room allows, I’ll place two George sofas facing one another to create a ‘conversational’ set up. Its classic scroll arms mean it’s very happy in a period property, yet its clean lines and subtle button detail make it a great choice for contemporary homes too.

Kyra from Neptune Farnham

One piece I return to time and again is the Charlotte headboard. It’s one of the more traditional design in the headboard collection but it’ll sit happily in period properties and new builds alike. I tend to lean towards a classic fabric that will stand the test of time just as well as the headboard itself, but by upholstering Charlotte in a bold velvet, you can also bring a beautiful statement to a room lacking in architectural features.

Here in the Surrey countryside, we have a lot of farmhouse-style homes built around the turn of the twentieth century. I find the demand is highest for the more traditional pieces for these properties, such as the classic Olivia sofa and Edinburgh or Arundel tables.

Jessica from Neptune Cambridge

The Matilda and Wycombe armchairs top my list. Matilda really is the perfect occasional chair – it’s such a versatile piece that works in all sorts of spaces, from sitting rooms to bedrooms. I’ve also used it in studies, dining rooms and even a bathroom before. Its rounded back means it’ll fit perfectly in corners and the small footprint allows it to nestle into even the slightest of nooks. I like to use it in a patterned or contrast fabric – it looks beautiful in Francesca Old Rose, though my favourite is Elliot Soft Teal. I included it in this colourway in an old rectory cottage design last year, positioned next to a Cotswold stone fireplace. The outcome was particularly memorable.

Wycombe, on the other hand, with its oak frame and woven seat, is the perfect armchair for adding tactility to a space that already has lots of upholstery. It’s also truly comfortable and is such a timeless design to return to.

Chloe from Neptune Bristol

For me, it’s got to be Chawton cabinetry, and our Long Island seating collection. It all comes down to the freedom that both offer. Chawton can be as little or large as needed. It can also be used in multiple spaces without feeling like you’ve simply ‘copied and pasted’ the same design from one room to another. It works in pretty much any style of property too. You can maximise the height of the cabinetry to create a statement piece in a Georgian townhouse in Clifton, for example, or stick to a simple low-height dresser in a country cottage in Devon. As its exterior can be painted in any of our colours, it’s also useful for injecting personality into a scheme. Most recently, I used it in Honed Slate for a home located in Brecon, Wales. The colour really mirrored the beautiful landscape outside.

As for the Long Island sofa, it’s the soft, inviting aesthetic of the design that I love. The L-shape configuration is a particular favourite with customers – it’s comfortable, timeless and sociable. With it being modular, you also have the reassurance that it’ll fit through most doorways if access is tricky!

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