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Our versatile garden designs for inside and out

Our versatile garden designs for inside and out

Our garden collection is, understandably, designed with the great outdoors in mind. Be that as it may, you’ll also find that almost all our styles will work just as well inside too. To help you understand which designs belong best in the outdoors-and-in camp, we’ve gathered them together, along with suggestions on where to use each style and ideas on how to combine them with those designs dedicated to interiors.


The indoor-outdoor mainstay of our garden collection, Chatto’s elegant Lloyd Loom is painted using a waterproof formula to withstand summer showers. Unlike our all-weather wicker pieces, however, it isn’t suited to the worst of winter’s conditions, so it’s best brought indoors. Because of this, Chatto’s been designed with absolute versatility in mind, meaning that you can happily sit any piece in any number of rooms in your house, not just the conservatory. You’ll also find that Lloyd Loom’s used for some of our indoor dining designs, such as Havana and Montague, so it really does feel like a natural fit for inside and out.

Mix and match:

Chatto’s vintage vibes work particularly well with the classic look and feel of both Suffolk and Chichester. Be it the harmonious pairing of Lloyd Loom chairs and a timber table, or a dresser or sideboard to accompany Chatto’s dining set up.


Just the ticket for apartment living, Boscombe’s wrought metal frames have a marked townhouse feel to them. And though the decorative designs are made to suit balconies and petite patios, the compact, ready to go bistro sets lend themselves well to all manner of small spaces. Perfect, then, for modest kitchen diners or multifunctional living areas in need of a table for two.

Mix and match:

Like Chatto, Boscombe nods to a vintage aesthetic. You’ll find an ally for the classic bistro chair in the shaker-inspired Suffolk and traditional Harrogate tables – the combination of materials making for a fitting contrast. Of course, as Boscombe sits so easily alongside Chatto’s Lloyd Loom, it also lends itself well to both Havana and Montague’s seating styles too.


Harrington belongs to our all-weather wicker collection. It’s a design that’s all about texture and detail and it’s therefore great at adding interest to areas outside and in. With chair and sofa designs in the collection, as well as two sizes of table and a footstool, there’s plenty of scope for indoor use, from the dining room through to the sitting room. A relaxed Harrington chair or armchair design would fill a bedroom’s empty corner perfectly too.  

Mix and match:

The mix of weave patterns – from lattice-like to diamond-shaped – give Harrington a traditional feel, but one that’s understated enough to mix well with more contemporary designs. An intricate design like Harrington’s also benefits from a little contrast (if that’s the look you like). A timber table is an effective way to achieve this. Our sofa set, complete with Stanway outdoor coffee table is a great example, while for dining, something rustic but refined, like Arundel (Stanway’s indoor counterpart), or more overtly traditional, like Henley, would work well. 


Though our Hove table collection is made from teak, a hardwearing favourite for outdoor furniture, its clean lines and composite concrete tops lend it a contemporary air that’s just right for some indoor schemes too. The side and coffee table designs are natural sofa companions, while the console table would look at home in an understated hallway or sitting room. As for the dining tables, though the obvious location speaks for itself, they’d also work wonders in a generous garden room or conservatory.

Mix and match:

As with the other outdoor designs, contrast can be a particularly effective way to combine collections. For dining, the Montague and Havana Lloyd Loom chairs top the list. Or, if you’d prefer something more similar in style, the Arundel bench could be the way to go. As for sofas, laidback Long Island shares a contemporary feel but still offers a difference in style.


The second of our decorative metal framed garden furniture collections, Cheltenham takes its inspiration from the Regency era. With a choice of round and rectangular tables (with footprints a little on the larger side) and dining seating, a sofa and bench in the mix, the dark curves and granite tabletops are more versatile than you may think. Let one of the tables take centre stage in a dining room – with a tablecloth if you’d prefer to soften the look a little – or welcome the decorative bench design into a hallway or conservatory.

Mix and match:

Much like pairing wood with wicker, Cheltenham’s classic steel frames make a surprisingly good match with our ladder backed Wardley chairs. Or why not mix both Boscombe and Cheltenham designs in one dining look, with or without Wardley to boot?

You can explore and order from our garden collection online, including all our ready-made outdoor sets. And if you’re looking for even more information about each design, you can read our style guide here.