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The art of less is more

The art of less is more

An old adage it may be, but at Neptune, the philosophy of ‘less is more’ runs deep, as Nicky, our product director explores.

“When we defined gathering as the inspiration for this season’s collection, we then thought, wouldn’t it work even better with two key stories? Gathering can mean all sorts, but it felt like there were two aspects that rang particularly true to us as a brand. And by extension, to you, your life, your world.

Less is more is the first chapter. And we’ll be considering it in all ways for the first part of spring.

When my team and I design the Neptune collections, we do so with real rigour. It doesn’t hamper the creative process. It doesn’t clip our wings. It keeps us focused on creating designs with real purpose. Having edited collections rather than reams and reams (and reams and reams), is an enormous part of our mindset. It’s what we believe makes designing your home less daunting; I know that I can feel exhausted by how much choice I’m faced with whenever I go shopping. Designing less means that you find ways to make your products think even harder for themselves. They need to do more. They need to multitask – the design word du jour. That’s us. We do more for your home, with fewer designs.

An edited, less-is-more approach to product design then spills into home design. We’re less of the Marie Kondo (the woman du jour, for some) school of thought. We’re not saying rid your home of everything unless it sparks joy. Seeing my children’s PE kits in the kitchen corner doesn’t fill me with joy, but they’re a sign of family life, real life that makes my house home. But, we do believe that by investing in well-made, properly considered, less trend and more timeless pieces, by buying slowly and investing thoughtfully (instead of fast consumerism and throwaway culture), by sticking to a handful of colours rather than a truck-load, our homes can become calmer, happier spaces.

Spaces devoted to the things that you really love rather than settled for.

Spaces that feel full without being filled.

Spaces that better express who you really are.”

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