Storage trays, boxes & jars

The smallest of small storage: trays of corralling and carrying; boxes for concealing in hand-woven rattan; and glass jars that make a showcase of their contents.



Lidded jars come in handy on all sorts of occasions. They could play host to biscuits, pasta, granola and tea bags in the kitchen, become a home for cotton wool in a bathroom, or even be used as ornaments when filled with seashells, pinecones or fairy lights.



Choose from box trays, with their deep sides, for neatly organising paperwork or magazines; or wider, shallower trays for arranging pretty displays (and carrying breakfast back to bed).



While trays can make a showcase out of their contents, boxes are more about hiding away what you’d rather not always see – or what you’d like to protect – from clutter to keepsakes, and even down to those essential, but not so pretty, boxes of tissues.