Serving Boards

Long a favourite of our store styling team, these are the kind of chopping boards you’ll want to leave out on display rather than tucking into a kitchen cabinet. Each has its practical uses in the kitchen as well as its decorative ones, and each is also perfect for bringing sharing dishes to the dining table.



These American walnut chopping and serving boards have an organic feel thanks to their curving, pebble-like shapes. They’re also richly coloured – the natural hues of the timber – to bring a little contrast alongside Borough and Maltby.



Simple and utilitarian yet decorative and characterful at the same time, you can use these oak boards, like Maltby, as display pieces in your kitchen or for bringing tarts and cheeses to the table, but they can also just as easily be functional objects used for prepping and chopping.

Chopping Boards_Square


Of all our boards, these Carrara marble ones are more suited to being decorative objects than for chopping (although, as they’re cold to the touch, they are useful for preparing pastry). They’ll look smart propped up on a kitchen counter or brought to the table, and will add another layer of texture and interest.