Brexit & Neptune

As you probably know, on 1st January 2021, the UK formally left the EU. And as we’re a UK-based company, we just wanted to reassure you that, if you’re shopping with us from within the EU, nothing has changed.

Ordering, deliveries and returns

Whether you’re ordering through our Irish website or stores, and whether you’re ordering furniture, accessories, samples or a directory, you can still continue to do so as normal. There are no changes to our EU returns policies either, or to our deliveries. You can find out more about those here, and search for your nearest store here.



Our current prices online and in store remain the same as before, and rest assured that we’ll cover any additional tariffs or taxes.


Our community

From social media and email newsletters to our seasonal anthology, Stories, if you’ve opted in, we’ll still keep sending inspiration, advice and updates your way.